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Northamptonshire is a predominantly rural county with large areas of beautiful countryside and hundreds of picture postcard villages that many people enjoy living and working within. The impact of public sector cuts in recent years has meant that the Police Force may not have always been as visible in our rural communities as residents would like. This has left some people feeling vulnerable to crime. It’s high time therefore those rural communities are given the attention that they deserve. We must tackle the crime and antisocial behaviour that doesn't necessarily always make headlines but does make residents lives is rural areas miserable.

That is precisely why the Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commission has developed a new sustainable approach, Rural Action, which empowers countryside communities to take ownership of resolutions to almost all issues which threaten the safety of residents, with the support of Northamptonshire Police Force, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue, Northamptonshire Highways and wider partners.

Rural Action is our joint commitment to work together to make our rural communities safer, while also promoting safety and well-being in rural areas.

The aim of Rural Action is to:

  • Tackle the issues that matter most to those who live and work in rural areas;
  • Take real and visible action;
  • And to coordinate action that is much broader than the Police.
Rural action is made up of three strands:

A sign of action

The Rural Action logo has been developed to help you recognise when work is being done to help make Northamptonshire’s rural communities safer

What is rural crime?

In Northamptonshire we have defined rural crime as:

"Burglary, theft from person, vehicle crime, robbery, criminal damage or wildlife crime that occurs at a farm or farm building anywhere in Northamptonshire or in one Northamptonshire’s rural Wards"

Want to learn even more about Rural Action?

Download Northamptonshire Police’s Rural Action Strategy 2015-18

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