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Rural Action is one of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner's priorities

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Rural Action Logo

Rural Action is our joint commitment to work together to make our rural communities safer, while also promoting safety and well-being in rural areas.

Rural Action Logo

The aim of Rural Action is:

  • To tackle the issues that matter most to those who live and work in rural areas;
  • To take real and visible action;
  • And to coordinate action that is much broader than the Police.

More Police Officers making your street safer

Visible policing remains one of the highest priorities for the people of Northamptonshire. By drawing on our county’s proud tradition of volunteering, we aim to enhance the incredible work of our 1,220 Police Officers by putting 900 additional volunteer Special Constables on to our streets to make them even safer…

Our promise to give rural communities
the attention they deserve

The ‘safer countryside’ strand of Rural Action can be best understood as a promise by Northamptonshire Police to give rural communities the attention they deserve through community engagement, training and crime prevention…

Getting tough on weight limits, speeding and bad parking

Many people enjoy our country roads in Northamptonshire whether that be in a car, on a bike, on foot, or horseback. However per mile travelled, country roads are the most dangerous for all types of road users…

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Download Northamptonshire Police’s Rural Action Strategy 2015-18

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